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Memorial Day May 25, 2015

Nothing like a three-day weekend to remind you of all that you have; a chance to load up the kids and head for the beach, gather with family and friends & fire up the barbeque, laugh, frolic and enjoy discount sales at your favorite stores.

But this weekend is Memorial Day weekend. It is the day that is set aside to honor those who have given their lives for us to enjoy our everyday lives, here in the United States of America.

Memorial Day remember the fallen heroes thankyouaaron

This business of protecting our American freedoms can be an ugly endeavor and thank God for the men and women who volunteer to take on the responsibility of standing in the gap on our behalf. They all take the same oath; some pay the ultimate price, not coming home in a seat but in a flag-draped box.

This Memorial Day remember the fallen heroes thankyouaaron

Regardless of political affiliation or personal belief, these men and women who have given their all on our behalf are true American heroes; the performance of their duties must be respected and their sacrifice is to be honored.

Memorial Day May 25 2015

Of the millions of American families who get together this holiday in joyous celebration, many with an empty place-setting experience a more somber reverance, recognizing that their number is one less and Monday is the day that we decorate their graves.

Memorial Day Missing Man Table we remember

Yes, we all should celebrate, party and have a good time; but also remember to take a moment to peacefully pause in remembrance of those who have given all that they possibly could. After all, this is the cause for celebrating this holday.

Memorial Day Remembbrance Table

Love to all who serve and continue to stand in the gap, as we honor our fallen heroes this Memorial Day 2015.